The Mowgli's

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Last night was such a fun night of music at the Basement East in Nashville. LA rock band, Arm’s Akimbo, kicked off the show, and they had everyone dancing along. We loved their set and enjoyed seeing fans singing along! The guys also had us cracking up with their stage banter. At one point, they asked someone in the front row about their “goat shirt,” and made it clear that they were having a good time with the crowd and not ready to leave tour. Up next was Petal. I had never seen Petal before, but I had several friends tell me that I was in for a treat (and they were right). Kiley Lotz took the stage in a beautiful dress with just a guitar, ruling the crowd. “I write songs about glamorous mental breakdowns, queerness, and not being straight.” Kiley’s wit and stellar vioice had us captivated. It was another brilliant set and I am so glad that I finally got to experience Petal!

The Mowgli’s put on an incredible performance, as usual! I have seen the Mowgli’s in concert several times, and I always enjoy how they light up a room. They bring such a bright ambiance, and instantly my mood is lifted. This tour was special, as it was the first Mowgli’s tour since their lineup has shifted. Katie and Josh lead the vocals, switching on and off, with the rest of the band backing them up. Katie and Josh have always done vocals, and I enjoyed watching them take on more of a lead. This was also my first time hearing the Mowgli’s play American Feelings live. It was so much fun dancing to these songs, as well as some of my other favorites, including: “Say It, Just Say It”, “I’m Good”, and “Real Good Life.” The show was such a blast, and I highly recommend catching the Mowgli’s on their next tour!

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