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By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Nicole caught up with Katie Jayne Earl of the Mowgli’s. We enjoyed getting to know more about Katie’s role in the Mowgli’s, how Katie prepares for an epic performance, and what advice she has for aspiring musicians. Check out Nicole’s exclusive interview, as well as the Mowgli’s latest release, American Feelings.

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NH: Katie, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with Savvage Media!  You are currently on the “Summer Vacation tour,” and this is your first time you are taking the lead on vocals.  How has tour been with the new band dynamic?

KE: It’s actually not the first time I’ve taken lead on vocals. The band has always had a bunch of singers in it and our songs have a lot of vocal arrangements, group vocals, and harmonies. We have all always been switching off, singing together and supporting one another vocally. Josh and I both switch off singing “lead” and sing together, and the rest of the band backs us up. Nothing has really changed about our live show dynamic, other than us working to always keep the setlist fresh and exciting, but this tour has been a lot of fun, the shows have been great.

NH: You recently released American Feelings (which we can’t get enough of!).  How has it been playing the new songs live?  How has the crowd response been?

KE: It’s always a lot of fun to play new songs. It’s exciting to see how the crowd is going to react and new ones always keep us on our toes. It’s been really great to sing our hearts out on these new ones WITH the audiences, who seem to be digging these new tunes a lot!

NH: Speaking of American Feelings, this EP truly shows growth with the Mowgli’s.  The lyrics explore topics such as lack of connection in the modern world, as well as still staying true to the “Mowgli’s sound” that we all know and love.  It is a brilliant album. What were some of your favorite moments writing/recording this EP?

KE: Thank you! All of the songs were written differently, with different people in different environments so it’s tough to focus on one single moment, but we did write ‘Talk about it’ in London while we were on a pretty life changing trip so for me, that process was really memorable. 

NH: What are three of your must have items on tour?

KE: Dry shampoo, Kristin Ess signature hair water, headphones 

NH: What has been your favorite city to play + explore?

KE: It’s impossible to land one “1”. This country is full of beautiful, interesting cities and awesome little pockets and we have been fortunate enough to have made (and continue to make), great memories all over America. 

NH: If you could have any vocalist collaborate on the next Mowgli’s track, who would it be?

KE: Uuuuhhh I really don’t know off the top of my head, but I always say and continue to say that I want to work with more women.

NH: You always put on such a fun, interactive concert.  What is key to a great performance? Any pre-show rituals?

KE: For me it’s important to remember that when I step onto the stage, it is no longer about “me”. I do as much work as I can to prepare for the show (warm ups, getting into a good head space, connecting with my bandmates), but when I step onto the stage I let go of myself, drop my ego, and make it a lot the audience, because they bought a ticket to see a show and damn it, I’m gonna give them a good one.

NH: What does 2019 have in store for the Mowgli’s?

KE: New music and more shows!

NH: Savvage Media is based out of Nashville, “music city.” What advice do you have for anyone who is trying to either make it as an artist or in the industry?

KE: Persistence is key to making it in any field. Stay strong in your vision and stay committed to your dreams. Don’t let your missteps throw you off course and remember: you can’t become a butterfly without being a weird bug first.

NH: We are looking forward to the Mowgli’s concert this Thursday, August 1st at the Basement East in Nashville! Be sure to grab your tickets, and we will see you there. Photos to follow! Thank you, Katie!!

KE: We love Nashville and are so excited to be coming back!!

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