Blacktop Mojo

By Jennifer Pinckney

Yea, it’s a Sunday night in downtown Nashville, TN at the famous EXIT/IN but that did not stop hundreds of fans to come out and enjoy a little bit of good old fashioned ROCK. First up was a group called The Georgia Thunderbolts and holy crap were they amazing. I had heard about them from friends of mine and these guys definitely were on point. Their stylish bell bottom jeans and long curly hair fit perfectly with their sound. They have a very strong uniqueness about themselves and they left us all wanting more. Check them out now.

Being hard to top what we just experienced, Lullwater graced us with their presence. I was so impressed by both these bands… and I knew that Blacktop would only keep the party going. Lullwater was incredible to see live, the guys were so full of energy and held nothing back.

Man, tonights show has been off the chain!! Blacktop Mojo took their place on stage at exactly 10pm and they were on FIRE!!! The guys had so much energy and they were having so much fun up there while showing off their skills. Matt (the frontman) has such a great voice, he really showed it off when they played an acoustic song as well as when he (and his bassist) went into the crowd, sat on the floor, asked the fans to sit with them, and we all sang “In the air tonight,” by Phil Collins. What an incredible moment to be a part of. Check out some of the crazy pictures I was able to get of these guys and be sure to check out their music. They are on tour now and they have a new album coming out in September, you know you want it. :)

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