Alvarez Kings

by Mary Welch

When my mom and I were driving up to Minnesota for an Ed Sheeran show, I played Alvarez Kings' album Somewhere Between for her during our five hour long car ride. By the second song, she started asking me all these questions about them and if they had any more tour dates near us. We then decided we'd drive down to Illinois a week later when they were playing a festival, even though she would have to drive down there to pick someone up from the airport and then come back to get me after. 

Having set up portraits after the show and thinking I'd get there late, I thought a lot of things would go wrong, but it was the definition of a perfect day. I made it in time to hear them sound check with "Postcards From Berlin" and open with my favourite song "Run From You." Vocalists/guitarists Simon and Sean sing it together flawlessly. Their voices together truly stand out. In addition, fans behind me kept telling me how talented they are and especially how awesome of a drummer Richard is.

If I'm remembering correctly, they played all the songs from Somewhere Between which made me really happy. All of the songs from that album are amazing and it was so great to hear them live. During "No Resolve," Simon hops off stage to interact with fans. He also performed "Sleepwalking Pt. I" by himself, but "Sleepwalking Pt. II" with his band mates. Afterwards, Simon spent some time meeting fans at the merch table and then we did a few simple portraits. 

Since I've had a few days to reflect, I've come to the conclusion that Alvarez Kings and All Time Low tie for first place on my favourites list for live shows. All Time Low wins for lighting, but hearing Simon's and Sean's voices beat everything else. I've seen All Time Low play probably ten times, but Alvarez Kings only twice. It's so easy to love them and their sound. All I've heard from other people is how sweet and polite of people they are, and they definitely are. If you haven't already, listen to them, follow them, support them in any way you can because they are so deserving of it. 

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