Summerfest - Vinyl Theater

Savvage's own Mary Welch had the chance to hit up Summerfest, the BIGGEST music festival in the world, featuring over 800 acts. Stay tuned to see some of her faves! 

Vinyl Theatre is from my hometown, Milwaukee, so we all feel so proud of their success. They are young and have a fresh sound, so we Wisconsinites want to see them continue to succeed. Seeing them for the second time was absolutely better than the first. Frontman Keegan Calmes kills it with his electric guitar and vocals. They were all so into it, so engrossed in their songs. I don't know where they get their liveliness from, but even on coffee I don't have that kind of energy. I recommend their most current album Origami and if you can, go see them live. They won't disappoint!

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