Summerfest - This Wild Life

Savvage's own Mary Welch had the chance to hit up Summerfest, the BIGGEST music festival in the world, featuring over 800 acts. Stay tuned to see some of her faves! 

Hawaiian shirts, tattoos, bubbles on stage, songs about love and dogs, you name it; This Wild Life rocks it.  Although they only played a few songs I was familiar with, Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso put on a great show.  This acoustic duo plus bassist/guitarist/keyboardist was one of the best acts of the entire day, if not the best.  Del Grosso switched between guitar and drums, showing off his versatility.  Both are a commitment, they take a lot of time and devotion to learn.  So that was something I appreciated, as I have personally taken lessons for each instrument in the past.  What also sets This Wild Life apart from every other act is that both sing together beautifully.  There's something really awesome about two tough looking guys coming together and singing so nicely.  Not one really overpowered another's voice, so it sounded very natural and effortless.  Hear their new song "Break Me" and find them touring North America, South America, and Australia until this fall.

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