The Young Renegades Tour

by Mary Welch

All Time Low has a special place in my heart. This was their, not first, not second, but sixteenth time playing The Rave here in Milwaukee. I met them briefly beforehand, and all I did was think about how good it feels knowing one of the best bands is familiar with my hometown.  They are a very lighthearted and humorous group of guys.

I've seen them so many times that I can't remember the number. Out of all the hundred bands I have seen, the thing that makes them stand out most is their lighting. It is so well-done and something you need to see to really understand. I gave my compliments some of their crew, and they were also super nice as always. The entire experience of an All Time Low show was nothing but positive.  Though I knew what to expect, the four energetic Baltimore boys blow me away with their performance. They never fail to make dirty jokes in front of thousands of spectators, including parents such as mine.

They played a couple older songs like "Vegas" and "Guts," but quite a few newer ones such as "Dirty Laundry," "Drugs & Candy," and "Good Times."  One I always look forward to but won't admit to crying to is "Lost in Stereo" from Nothing Personal.  They could have played that entire album and I wouldn't have complained.

They closed out the night with "Dear Maria, Count Me In," as they believe that is one of the songs that truly helped them succeed as band.  As fans left, Phil at the sound board played "Sweet 16" by Hilary Duff at band's request. Even if you go by yourself, you can still have the best time.  Unfortunately the tour is soon ending, though there are a few dates left until August 6th.

7/28 - Boston, MA

7/29 - Philadelphia, PA

7/31 - New York, NY

8/2 & 8/3 - Baltimore, MD

8/4 - Raleigh, NC

8/5 - Atlanta, GA

8/6 - Orlando, FL

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