Half God Half Devil Tour

by: Mary Welch

On the 28th at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, I went to see Little Miss Nasty, Vimic, Motionless in White, and In This Moment on the second leg of the Half God Half Devil tour.  Although the first leg in my opinion had a better lineup, I wouldn't have traded my day for anything else.  When I got home around two in the morning, I was exhausted but kept myself from falling asleep because I didn't want the night to feel that it had truly ended.  That's how great of a time you should have at an In This Moment show.

Beforehand, I mentioned to Motionless in White Ricky's acoustic cover of "Eternally Yours" and Chris jokingly gave the idea of him playing it back to back at their shows.  I tried my best to convince them to fit "Soft" from their newest album Graveyard Shift somewhere on their setlist but sadly we will have to wait for their headline tour this October to hear it.  They stuck to their usual setlist choices, including songs like "Devil's Night" and cover of "Chop Suey" by System of a Down.  Little Miss Nasty and Vimic are honorable mentions, but since Motionless in White is my favourite band, I have to give their set the gold star.  I admit that my camera didn't love their harsh lighting, but they know how to put on a great show no matter what.  That is why I'll always support them.  They are inspiring people and I will never get sick of hearing any of their songs.

In This Moment never lets down either.  Their intro song was "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge and it was a super fun way to kick off their set.  They played a couple songs from Ritual which was released very recently, including "Oh Lord," "Roots," and "Black Wedding" with Chris of Motionless in White. Thankfully, they closed with my favourite song by them, "Whore," which is about accepting that sometimes people will say things about you that are not true.  Maria Brink of In This Moment does such a fantastic job at being a voice for those who do not have one.  She embraces any negativity thrown at her and promotes learning how to love one another instead of hate. Travis, Kent, Chris, and Randy also are deserving of the spotlight.  Every member of In This Moment is so incredibly talented and I wish for those who do not listen to their music, to start doing so.

The third leg of the Half God Half Devil tour begins this fall, so In This Moment will be touring until mid-November.  Avatar and Of Mice & Men, two bands you also absolutely need to see, will be accompanying them.  In This Moment always brings some pretty great opening acts and these tours have been nothing but memorable in the best way.  Get tickets HERE before they all sell out!

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