By: Jennifer Pinckney

Just past the heart of downtown Nashville was the popular venue called The Basement. It was my first time to this venue, but it has had numerous shows and attendees. Tonight’s line up was Born Animal, Microwave Mountain and Welles. 

I was a bit thrown off when I looked on the merch table and saw CASETTE TAPES! According to a few band members from Born Animal, they told me that more bands are switching to cassette tapes. Interesting. The guys in Born Animal were amazing to see live. They are a local band from Nashville, and full of energy and eagerness to get their music out there. I’m glad I was able to catch their performance and find another awesome local band. This city is full of talent!

Next up was Microwave Mountain. Interesting name. Their sound was very catchy along with their performance and the fact that the lead singer was rocking green nail polish just made their set even better. 

Our headliners tonight.. who everyone came to see… a band called Welles. This venue was definitely at it’s max capacity when Welles took the stage, but this crowd was different than the typical “Rock” crowds I’m used to. Everyone here had their eyes on the Welles. If they didn’t know the words, they were still standing, watching and nodding along with big smiles on their faces. You know a band has got something special going on when they can attract so many people and keep people coming out and driving miles just to see them. Incredible performance and so cool to see a different type of music crowd. From the look on their faces, you could really tell that they were right where they wanted to be. Welles is definitely on the rise and a band you should check out. 

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