Wild Nothing

By Rickelle Hunt

The melodic shoegaze band, Wild Nothing, finally stopped by Boston to wrap up their 2018 North American Tour. Their dreamy synths and soulful lyrics touch the core of my heart every-time I listen to them. Front man Jack Tatum has the most powerful mind capturing feelings of heartache, nostalgia, and euphoria all within his sounds. All four studio albums, Gemini (2010), Nocturne (2012), Life of Pause (2016) and Indigo (2018) flow so beautifully together while capturing a dizzying escape within my mind.

Some of my favorite tracks on the set-list were “Live In Dreams”, “Partners In Motion”, “Chinatown”, “Letting Go”, and “a Dancing Shell.” Their live performance had no extra visuals to it which I actually really enjoyed; there was nothing to distract or take away from the music. Jack Tatum is one of the most insightful creators in the industry. Wild Nothing will be going on a 2019 European Tour you can find tickets [HERE].

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