Bring your Mom tour

By: Rickelle Hunt

Hobo Johnson stopped by Boston again this year on their show-stopping headlining fall tour. They last played at an extremely small venue over the summer and in just a matter of months, they expanded to the House of Blues. Hobo Johnson is continuing to become a hit sensation, their unique music is a blend of slam poetry and rap. I wouldn’t label them as having one particular sound. Many people either love Hobo Johnson’s witty lyrics or hate it, but despite any backlash, the band is continuing to thrive playing at some of the biggest venues in their career thus far. The band consists of front man Frank Lopes, and is accompanied by The Lovemakers; Derek Lynch (guitar), Jordan Moore (guitar & keyboard), David Baez-Lopez (bass & guitar), and Ben Lerch (drums). 

Their setlist included many of their favorite viral hits such as “Peach Scone”, “Dear Labels” and “Sex in the City”. Catch Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers live on one of their remaining tour dates in a city near you, and maybe… bring your mom. Tour dates can be found [HERE].

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