Manchester Orchestra

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

There is something magical about attending a concert at the Ryman, and Sunday night was no exception. Nashville’s own, Brother Bird, took the stage first. Brother Bird is Caroline Swon’s solo project, however she was joined on stage by a full band at the Ryman. Swon’s voice was so elegant and stunning, everyone was truly captivated. Everyone stayed so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The Ryman is famous for its stellar acoustics, and Caroline’s voice echoed throughout the building so beautifully. Her voice gave me chills, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I enjoyed Brother Bird’s set, and I look forward to seeing them play more hometown shows.

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Up next was Jersey rockers, the Front Bottoms. It was clear that the crowd was here to see this fun and quirky band. From the second they got on stage, every single person screamed every lyric and danced along enthusiastically. The Front Bottoms also have such a visually appealing performance. Their stage includes an actual bar, where drinks are being served and people at the bar are drinking and playing games like beer pong. There were also old fashioned light bulbs adding extra light and character to the stage, and other fun touches. I was honestly blown away by their whole set; they were so energetic and sounded great, and the fun set made me love watching them even more. I would highly recommend seeing them live.

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Manchester Orchestra is one of my absolute favorite live bands. Andy Hull has such an incredible, unique voice. I legitimately had goosebumps the entire time he was singing. Manchester Orchestra has created a great balance between the lighter and heavier sounds, and they ricochet between the two so flawlessly. Their light show also helped to intensify their sound. They used strobe lights and bright colors, which helped the songs to pulsate through our bodies. My favorite songs from the set were “Cope”, “Simple Math”, and “the Alien;” although the entire set was enjoyable. Every time I see Manchester Orchestra, I fall even more in love with this Atlanta band. Their songs are full of such emotion, and they bring 150% of that to the stage. There is still a month left of this tour, dates and ticket information can be found [HERE].

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