Tigers Jaw

by: Alyssa Legato

Less than 24 hours after the release day of their fifth studio LP spin (Black Cement), Tigers Jaw brought their tour (of the same name) to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ for their Summer Kickoff series, in collaboration with Sixpoint and Asbury Park Brewery.  We were thrilled to be there for the first show post-“spin” release!

The evening started with energetic indie rock band Smidley - the side project of Foxing's Connor Murphy.  After losing their guitarist the night prior, Murphy was forced to pick up the pieces and humbly apologized for "not being a guitarist.”  Even down a member, their set didn't suffer a bit. Fans of Foxing wouldn’t likely expect the infectious, poppier sound of Smidley – but are sure to find solace in Murphy’s buttery-smooth vocals and impeccable range.  The band featured a female background vocalist, and a full band who’s talent was indisputable.  The highlight for many who were familiar with the act was their first ever single, “No One Likes You,” which was released only two short months ago.

Next up was Saintseneca, a folk rock quintet hailing from Columbus, OH.  This is the kind of music that you honestly can’t not like, but hands-down the coolest thing about Saintseneca is their incredible versatility as artists (and the fact that they use a strumstick?!).  More than once throughout the course of their set, the members changed instruments seamlessly - sometimes even mid-song.  Meaning, the bass player, two guitarists, and keyboardist physically switched positions and instruments throughout the set…a mark of true and undeniable talent and artistry.

Tigers Jaw performing "The Sun" off of their self-titled release.

Just before 10pm, Tigers Jaw at last took the stage, opening with the first track off of spin – “Follows”.  As always, TJ put on a perfect performance with the perfect balance of old and new, and the crowd was full to the brim with craft beer and contentment.  The spin era has officially begun, and we are 100% here for the ride.

Tigers Jaw Setlist - The Stone Pony (May 20th, 2017)

  1. Follows
  2. Frame You
  3. The Sun
  4. June
  5. Nervous Kids
  6. Escape Plan
  7. Meet At The Corner
  8. Test Pattern
  9. Charmer
  10. Brass Ring
  11. Distress Signal
  12. Guardian
  13. Chemicals
  14. Cool
  15. Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine
  16. Favorite
  17. Never Saw It Coming
  18. Window
  19. I Saw Water
  20. Hum

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