Night People Tour

by:  Meaghan Brown

On May 10, You Me At Six and The Score brought the Night People tour to the Middle East in Cambridge, MA with local openers The Press War. This show was one of only 5 dates on the tour starting in New York, continuing to Pennsylvania, then going to California for the final two shows. Last month, You Me At Six traveled through the UK promoting Night People, and will travel throughout Europe this summer.

The Press War from Boston, MA was formed in 2012.The band is made up of Anthony Rainville on vocals and guitar, Cedric Wager on guitar, and Nick Crist on Bass. They have two EP’s out, New Again (2013), and When It All Goes To Hell (2015). They played a twenty minute set including "Follow Me" and "I’m So Bored Without Us" off of When It All Goes To Hell.

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The Score was formed six years ago in New York, New York by members Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover. They had been writing and recording songs in various places including Edan’s closet until they got their break with having on of their songs in a commercial. They ended up re-locating to Los Angeles, and were signed to Republic Records. They played a thirty minute set including "Legend" and "Revolution" from Myths & Legends EP released on April 14, 2017. "Money Run Low" and "Unstoppable" from Unstoppable EP (2016). "Unstoppable" was also on the Power Rangers soundtrack.

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You Me At Six is from Surrey, England and was formed back in 2004. Four out of five members have been with the band since it’s formation, which is impressive for a band that’s been around this long. Josh Franceschi on vocals, Max Helyer on rhythm guitar, Chris Miller on lead guitar, and Matt Barnes on bass guitar and backup vocals have been a part of the band since the very beginning, and Dan Flint on drums joined the band in 2007; replacing Joe Phillips. They have released 5 studio albums on various labels over the years; Take Off Your Colours (2008), Hold Me Down (2010), Sinners Never Sleep (2011), Cavalier Youth (2014), Night People (January 13, 2017).

You Me At Six was onstage for a little over an hour to a full crowd playing hits from Hold Me Down, Sinners never Sleep, Cavalier Youth, and obviously Night People. They started the night off performing "Night People," "Underdog," and "Loverboy."  During Stay With Me, some of the fans started a mosh pit, and the crowd really started going. I even had a crowd surfer climb on top of me. In pop-punk shows you always have to be aware when mosh pits and crowd surfers are going to start or it could get really dangerous. After performing "Swear," Josh informed the crowd “we’re going to be mostly playing songs off Night People, but we’ll play some older shit too” which earned one cheer from the crowd as most people have already gotten their hands on Night People. They ended their set with "Give and Room To Breathe." You Me At Six always puts on an incredible show, and is always worth going.

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