Fit For a King + In Hearts Wake

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Monday night was one of the most fun, energetic concerts that I have been to in quite a while.  Fit For a King’s headlining tour came through Nashville, and Rocketown was in for one hell of a show.  There were circle pits, mosh pits, and everything in between.  Metalcore favorites, Like Moths to Flames, started off the show on a high note.  I’ve seen them a few times and they never disappoint.  Chris Roetter is great at getting the crowd hyped, and the band’s energy is always electrifying.  My favorite songs from their set were “Nowhere Left to Sink,” and of course “Bury Your Pain.”

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Up next was In Hearts Wake.  To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with them prior to the concert.  Holy crap, I was in for quite a surprise!  This Australian hardcore band was really phenomenal.  Again, the circle pits, mosh pits, et al were a constant trend.  Jake Taylor was able to get every single person off their feet moving along to every song.  Even though I didn’t know the lyrics (yet), I found myself jumping to every song.  One of my favorite parts of the set was when Jake stated that there was a flag in the back of the venue that he needed to bring back to the stage.  He got on an inflatable boat and “surfed” his way to the back to get the flag, in a very special game of “capture the flag.”  IHW also brought some fans on stage to sing/dance with them for a song.  It was very evident that the whole crowd was having a great time.

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The moment we’ve been waiting for, Fit For a King!  This Texas-metalcore band is absolutely incredible live.  Their set started with aesthetically pleasing visuals; multi colored lights illuminating the fog behind them.  As if Ryan and Tucks’ vocals weren’t  powerful enough, this helped add to the electrifying feel of the energy in the room.  Every song add us screaming at the top of our lungs and jumping.  Some of my favorite songs from their set were “Shadows & Echoes,” “Deathgrip,” and “Pissed Off.”  Deathgrip is such a solid album, so it was cool to hear songs from this album live.  I’m really glad that I finally got to see Fit For a King live, and look forward to the next time they play Nashville!

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There are still two weeks left of the Fit For a King + In Hearts Wake tour!  To find out tour dates and to purchase tickets, head over to HERE.  You won't want to miss this killer line-up!

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