Half God Half Devil Tour 3 - In This Moment

by:  Mary Welch

As sad as I was that the exceptionally talented Swedish metal band, Avatar, was not opening at my date for In This Moment’s 3rd leg of the Half God Half Devil Tour, local Milwaukee band Monorail Central did not disappoint. They started the night off the right way, demanding the crowd’s attention. Usually it is hard for me to get into newer or local bands, but I would definitely be sure to check them out again. Their set seemed to go by fast, but afterwards I felt proud of how alive the Milwaukee hardcore scene is with the help of bands like Monorail Central.

Next was Of Mice & Men, one of the first bands that got me into heavy music. I had not seen them since 2014, and it was a fun, heartwarming experience. Something I have learned after going to so many concerts is how others treat you can completely dictate how you remember the show. There are always people I talk to at the barricade at shows and I am so appreciative of the lovely fellow music supporters I get to meet. If this were my band, I would be so honored to have such friendly fans.

What stands out most about Of Mice & Men is drummer Tino Arteaga’s extraordinary skills. I stood in awe just staring at him drum away for a few songs. His level of talent in addition to his passion is incomparable. There was so much energy in the room and it felt amazing. Beforehand, I did not exactly know what to expect from vocalist Aaron Pauley, but he killed it and hearing his voice helped me remember how much I love this band. His vocals especially in “You Make Me Sick” and “The Depths” sounded angry and dirty in a good way, and the crowd sang/screamed every word with him.

They are one of those bands… One with incredible lighting. It for sure makes a photographer’s life easier and that’s something I always appreciate. When I walked around the balcony and in the back of the ballroom, each seat was filled and there was hardly any standing room left. In This Moment absolutely knows how to pack a show over and over again. During their set, I was allowed to shoot the entire time which is a rare opportunity for music photographers. Thank you to their publicity for letting us cover the whole show!

The band did an incredible job as always and Maria Brink is continuously an inspiration to many. “Mother Maria” with all her outfits, props, and other theatrics on stage cannot compete with anything else. They truly know how to put on a good show, and that is why I have come back to see them three times this year. Each member of In This Moment is beyond talented and they blow me away each time. Unfortunately for me, their next tour does not have a date nearby, but they may for you! Check out their touring schedule for January and February with New Year’s Day, Ded, and Payable on Death.

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