by:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn


Hello, and thanks for waiting.  Sorry that this article took two weeks to post (Xfinity and our lack of Wifi).  November 16th (Nashville) and November 18th (New York City), I went to my second and third Halfnoise concerts.  I have never sang so loud and danced so much during one show.  The groovy beats and catchy songs had the whole crowd singing along.  Although both shows were phenomenal, I'm here to share some New York photos with you.  Please pardon the not-so-HQ photos, when there's a crack in your lens, you do your best.  You can also see some photos from the Halfnoise album release in Nashville HERE.

Up first was "John the Baptist."  The name threw us all off, we didn't know what to expect.  I was really digging JTB's unique style.  He had a mix of catchy pop vibes, with loop pedals and some synth.  John did one song that was chilling vocals mixed with a synthesizer and it captured a lot of emotion.  At the end of the song he joked that "in case you couldn't tell, that's not my real voice."  It was definitely a different set, but very enjoyable!

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HALFNOISE.  Anyone that knows me, knows my absolute love for this band.  I saw their album release show in April and was instantly drawn.  As soon as the Nashville show was announced, I was counting down the days.  Then the Nashville show was so amazing that I got in my car and drove 14 hours to see them (and my family) in New York.  I think that gives you a slight indication of how amazing this band is, right?  Throughout this article, you will see a band having the time of their lives on stage.  That's not a forced  smile.  That's friends happy to be sharing a stage with other friends and playing for all their new friends.  I am very thankful for that.

Who is Halfnoise?  Halfnoise is Zac Farro.  As far as for live shows; Joey Howard (bass/ vocals), Joey Mullen (drums), Logan MacKenzie (guitar), and Daniel Kadwatha (keys/synth/vocals).  You may recognize Joey, Joey, and Logan, who all currently tour in Paramore with Zac.  Daniel joined this show all the way from Sweden, so it was a very special treat for all of us!  All of these guys have a special dynamic when they play together.  It is very authentic, and they are always smiling and dancing!  It is so much fun to watch them perfrom together.

The setlist included all of our favorite songs.  If I had to pick the best song of the night/ one for you to check out, I would suggest "Sudden Feeling."  This song is electrifying.  I dare you to listen to it without dancing like a fool; it's impossible.  Halfnoise also gave us two new songs, which were both really good.  The new songs had a little bit more of a rock vibe, but still the groovy beat that we love.  Zac also announced that there will be a new Halfnoise album coming soon - which we promise to review.  Our absolute favorite part of the set is the "encore," where we get to here our other two favorite songs "French Class" and "Scooby's in the Back."

For "French Class," honorary Halfnoise member Giovanni joins the band on stage.  Giovanni walked up to the microphone in this beret and sunglasses, and pulled out a piece of paper.  He read the outro "rules" of "French Class," while looking Fran├žais chic.  As usual, Zac invited his friends and family onto the stage for "Scooby's in the Back" and round two of "French Class."  I absolutely admire Zac for doing this.  He doesn't care what the propper show ettiqute is, or what he's expected to do.  Zac makes it clear that he is grateful that his family and friends are there, and he wants them to join him on stage to dance and have fun.

If there is one final thing you need to know about a "Halfnoise concert" is that it's not like any other concert.  Everyone on this stage is so humble, genuine, and ready to give the performance of a lifetime.  The whole crowd will be dancing like crazy, but you don't get embarassed because no one is going to judge you.  If you didn't dance along to a song like "Scooby," that's where we would be concerned.  These shows are so interactive.  Zac will literall hand out shakers and tamberines so the front row can jam along.  Friends will get onstage and sing and dance.  There are virtually no rules. "It's a Halfnoise concert, we can do whatever the hell we want." - Zac Farro

For coverage of the Nashville concert, please check out our friend Wesley Lindsey's VLOG HERE.  You'll see Savvage in the video!  Be sure to subscribe to his channel in there for other awesome music coverage!

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