I Prevail

by:  Mary Welch

I Prevail is one of those bands that I had heard good things about, but never really listened to their music.  One day, I surprisingly heard their song “Scars” on the radio and took an interest. Soon after, one of my friends told me she wanted to go to their show, and I couldn’t say no to going with.

Seeing Escape the Fate open was pretty surreal, as I’ve known some of their songs forever. After Escape the Fate was The Word Alive, the band I was probably most excited to see. Vocalist Telle Smith has very impressive vocals, and I was captivated by their sound. After We Came As Romans was I Prevail, and what stuck out to me the most was their spectacular lighting. As you can see in my photos below, it makes a music photographer’s job far easier. Something that I also appreciated was seeing kids at the show. Typically, there is not a vast amount of kids younger than maybe thirteen at concerts, but this shows that I Prevail successfully attracts a broad audience.

Each band on the lineup was a pleasure to see, and I’d experience it again if I could. I Prevail’s most current album was released exactly a year ago (October, 21st,2016) and is called Lifelines. They are touring all over the states until December, so catch them on the Rage on the Stage Tour while you can.

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