Paramore - Rose Colored Boy

By:  Starr Brown


Releasing the fourth music video from After Laughter, Paramore are killing it with the visuals for this album. In a 70s/80s style news broadcast, you watch Hayley Williams fake her way through a news broadcast, flipping between the high quality of today and a flickering, dull TV picture. The three piece takes you through local news, from a local bake sale, to weather, to sports, you see the during and behind the scenes of this ‘Wake Up Roseville’ broadcast.

The running theme of finding yourself runs through this video and echoes previous videos, such as “Fake Happy.” As Williams news persona suffers through a meltdown, you see images flash of people telling her to be a person she’s not.

The After Laughter videos are easily the best visuals from the band to date, continuing the evolving story that is Paramore. If there’s more to come from this album, I can’t wait to see it.

Watch the "Rose Colored Boy" video here:

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