RIVALS - Damned Soul

By: Mary Welch


Tell me about a female-fronted band, and I’m instantly all over it. RIVALS is an LA pop/rock band formed in 2014 with punk undertones, comprised of vocalist Kalie Wolfe, bassist Sebastian Chamberlain, drummer Josh Alves, and guitarist Micket Woodle.  SmartPunk Records’ RIVALS just released their very first full-length album, Damned Soul, featuring ten energetic, powerful tracks.


  1. Over It

  2. Low

  3. Damned Soul

  4. Gunslinger

  5. Moonlit

  6. Wild Things

  7. Misery Memory

  8. Reflection

  9. Keep Going

  10. To Leila

While listening to them, you’ll notice in each song that Wolfe’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and powerful character prevail through the candid lyrics.  Listen to Damned Soul, and you will truly feel the strength each song reveals.  RIVALS’ sound is admiringly unique in their own way. This album is a definitely a must-have for 2018, and prepare yourself to have it on repeat for a while.  Get a copy on iTunes, listen on Apple Music, or stream on Spotify HERE!

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