Cane Hill - It Follows

By:  Mary Welch


The first noticeably different thing about Cane Hill’s new single “It Follows” is simply the first few seconds.  Eerier than other intros, besides parts of their other single Savvage is obsessed with called “10 Cents,” “It Follows” is a slow, steady, and heavy track with very catchy elements. You’ll be headbanging even after the song ends.

Vocalist Elijah Witt’s vocals a minute into the song were the most pleasant surprise, as his singing voice is like getting a good hug. He also sings, “everywhere I go you know trouble follows, I'm just a magnet for pain.” Another noteworthy factor of “It Follows’” awesome sound is band member James Barnett’s impressive guitar playing. Being a guitar player myself, I want everyone to appreciate the band’s talent and dedication to writing songs as sick as these.

Cane Hill’s second album Too Far Gone is available for purchase on January 19th, though it is available for pre-order right now (HERE). Songs we’ve already heard from it are titled “Too Far Gone,” “10 Cents,” and “Lord of Flies.” I truly encourage trying out their new, heavy sound, because I honestly cannot stop listening. Hopefully they will be your go-to band when deciding what to listen to, like they are for me.

Catch them on tour in Europe now through February 7th, and in the states then until March 7th with Of Mice & Men and Bless the Fall. Be sure to pre-order New Orleans’ most inimitable band’s album Too Far Gone now!

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