AWOLNATION - Miracle Man

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Here Come the Runts,  (Red Bull Recrods) 2018

Here Come the Runts, (Red Bull Recrods) 2018

AWOLNATION is such a versatile band.  Their sound is always evolving, however, their energy is always through the roof.  I remember discovering AWOLNATION in 2011, with their colossal hit, "Sail" ("blame it on my ADD..").  Their unique lyrics and rapid energy had me hooked from day one.  "Miracle Man" just might be one of my favorite AWOLNATION songs yet.  I've had it on repeat all morning.  I dare you to try listening to it without dancing, you can't.  It's such a fun song!  I'm even more excited to hear this song live when I see AWOLNATION in Chicago next month.  They are such an interactive live band, and I can tell that the crowd will be going crazy to "Miracle Man."  AWOLNATION will be releasing Here Come the Runts on February 2nd (Red Bull Records).  Celebrate by catching them on the "Here Come the Runts tour" DATES HERE.

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