Northbound - Fade to Black

By:  Starr Brown


If you’re looking for yet another great pop-punk bands to get behind, you have to check out Northbound. Off their 2017 EP, The Flaws In Everything, “Fade To Black” showcases everything the band is great at - fast passed track that bring nonstop energy, emo lyrics that you’ll be screaming out in no time, and thumping basslines that you can’t ignore.

The track starts out with a blunt “I guess I’m not funny” and quickly picks up to tell the tale of a relationship gone wrong. “Someday you'll hate me as much as I hate myself /'Till then I'll fade to black / While I burn in hell for this,” rounds out the sour relationship at the end of the chorus. You can’t help but feeling the heartbreak, mixed with self-pitty.

Northbound is headed out on tour with Fossil Youth at the end of February, and you can find tour dates HERE.

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