We The Kings - Ally

by:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

We the Kings have released a new track, and it fills our hearts with so much love.  June is national Pride month, and WTK released a song called “Ally” this week stating:  “new single "Ally" out now, share this with anyone that needs love this month and forever.”  This song is acapella and very simplistic, but the lyrics speak volumes.  We The Kings are some of the most genuine guys out there, it’s so awesome to see them write such personal songs and to be so vulnerable with their fans.    

"When you cry, I cry with you. And when you hurt, I hurt with you… / Cause I am an ally, and I am a friend. And you have my heart, and my voice, and my hands.”

I’ve already shared this song with a few friends.  It’s such a reassuring song.  It’s always nice to know that people not only accept who you are, but they embrace it and are there for you.  We live in a world that has lots of hatred, but there are so many people that truly do care out there.  Find yourself, embrace who you are, and love yourself.  Thank you, We The Kings, for writing such a positive song and for spreading love.

[I also photographed the WTK10 tour, so if you want to feel nostalgic, take a look here..]

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