Conor Oberst - Ruminations Salutations

by: Mary Welch

Conor Oberst has been a singer /songwriter/musician I have known about for quite some time.  Back in 2013, I learned about his former band Bright Eyes through an online book I was reading.  The song I originally heard is called “Lua” and it is such a beautiful creation.  This was back when I was learning how to play guitar, so it was a song I became determined to learn immediately.  I would mainly enjoy listening to his older songs from I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning and Fevers and Mirrors all the time.  They are heartfelt, raw, and dark at times.  His songs have always intrigued me, so since I have not heard Conor’s music in a while, listening to his newest collections of songs has left me feeling reminiscent.

Conor’s newest album, Salutations, contains seventeen tracks, all released back in March of this year. The album consists of full-band versions of the same songs on Ruminations (October, 2016) along with a few new ones.

I prefer Ruminations over Salutations because it is more stripped down.  With less instruments, it is easier to focus on his one-of-a-kind vocals.  Oberst has a trembling voice you cannot forget.  It is a voice that can relax me and easily help me to sleep.  The only song on Salutations I prefer to Ruminations is “A Little Uncanny” because of its quicker beat in comparison to most other songs.  I am not too big on the harmonica since acoustic/folk music usually is not my thing, but Conor’s work could never disappoint.  Oberst’s astounding lyrics are not something that should be overlooked.  In addition, looking at the number of projects he has worked on over the years is impressive and highly respectable.

Conor Oberst is currently touring the world this summer throughout the middle of August.  According to his website, “Oberst has partnered with Plus 1 so that $1 from every ticket sold will go to support Planned Parenthood and their work delivering vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people in the US and worldwide.”  If you do not catch him at a show near you, at least start out by listening to my favourite Bright Eyes song “Lua.”  Give his older or newer songs a try, but either way, they will not let you down.

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