Emmure - Look at Yourself

by: Mary Welch

By now you should know me; you should know that when I find a song I like, I listen to it on repeat about fifty times before giving it a break.  This was absolutely the case with Emmure’s “Flag of the Beast.”  It was the first song by Emmure I had come across and I am happy that I did.  The pre-chorus of the song where vocalist Frankie Palmeri does a high/mid scream reminds me of early Suicide Silence, and I am all for it.

Released in early March of 2017, Emmure’s full-length Look at Yourself starts out with a minute and a half long intro track like many musical artists have been doing quite recently, but don’t let the short duration of “You Asked for It” fool you.  During my initial listen of the album, I knew I would be honestly hooked.  Tracks like “Shinjuku Masterlord” and “Flag of the Beast” contain rap-like vocalization which makes the band exceptional in an industry overflowing with generic-sounding metalcore groups.

The title of the final track, “Gucci Prison,” made me laugh.  It is one of those songs where you have to look at the lyrics to understand one word being screamed, but I appreciated the words.  “Gucci Prison” is about others disliking you and not making an effort to recognize your capabilities, which is something most everyone can relate to.

Forget lineup drama with the band and appreciate the brutality on this album.  I recommend making an effort to see them while they are on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long!

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