Vinyl Theatre - Origami

by: Mary Welch

Since Vinyl Theatre is from my hometown, Milwaukee, I always get excited when I hear about them.  They have only been playing together since 2009, but have made quite a name for themselves already.  Vinyl Theatre has toured with bands such as Twenty One Pilots, Dashboard Confessional, Misterwives, and Magic Man.

This indie/rock trio has recently released their sophomore album called Origami.  We all have those artists that we know of but do not listen to regularly.  Vinyl Theatre is one of those bands to me.  Despite feeling guilty for not really listening to them much, I am pleasantly surprised with their sound.  “My Fault” is the first track and easy to sing along to.  The songs of Origami are catchy and have uplifting tones, especially “Day In Day Out.”  Often with albums it is hard to listen to it as a whole, but Vinyl Theatre has kept my interest consistent.  “Day In Day Out” made me want to get up and dance around my room, whereas hearing the words of “Thank You for the Good Times” made me want a hug.

Overall, this is a well-constructed, well-written album.  You’ll surely catch me listening to Vinyl Theatre more often.  Their energetic sounds can attract a broad audience whether you are into rock, indie, alternative, electronic, pop, or any other genre between.  They will be playing at the iconic music festival Summerfest here in Milwaukee this July and I look forward to hearing these new songs live.

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