The Bell Brothers - Cold, Dark, and Dirty

by: Taryn Poe

If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be refreshing.  Cold, Dark and Dirty by The Bell Brothers is a record I'd turn up on high volume on a road trip while singing along with my best friend, or while dancing alone in my room.  Each song is comprised of simple, yet catchy, beats with lyrics that make you think about your own life.  After listening to this album, my perspective of my own life and how I see the world changed.  Certain songs allowed me to reflect on memories and events in my life that caused me to both laugh and cry.  Cold, Dark and Dirty is filled with beautiful music that I'd listen to when I'm crying in my room trying to get over individuals I've grown to care about, or complete opposite, something I'd share with the love of my life, while we are cuddled up next to one another. Music amazes me with how songs provoke both happy and sad emotions depending on our own life experiences and current moods.  This album is filled with love, passion, romance, and is paired with groovy, soulful tunes that is pure brilliance. 

The song "23" really stood out to me because I'm currently 23 years old, and wondering about what the future holds for me and I feel it's time to figure my life out.  Life at this age can get pretty confusing.  "Nobody asked me if it's ok not to be ok."  This lyric really hit me in the gut.   It reminds me how so many of us put on fake smiles and go out with our friends and appear happy, but on the inside we are feeling unsure, broken, or simply not ok. We all deserve credit though for trying and doing our best.  Another lyric in the song, "I understand what it's like to be happily 23" is another favorite line.  I personally have felt true happiness at this age and can appreciate moments in my life where I am content even though I am sometimes not "ok". 

"Lfdpv" is a masterpiece of a song.  It has a soothing tone to it and is quite the emotional love song.  Lyrics "What a heart wants when it's lonely" is so accurate a line of what someone can feel and do for love when they are lonesome.  The whole song is poetic and sappy in all the best ways. It's sincere and heartfelt and made me long to meet someone who will make me feel the feelings felt by the vocalist.  A song that can bring out such intense feelings and emotions deserves an A+ and recognition in my book. 

 "The Beach" is an incredibly powerful, enchanting, song that brings back memories of that special someone you had a magical time with and how you miss them, or when you find yourself really falling for someone and you're terrified but you won't run away from the feeling because it's worth the pain if it doesn't work out and being with that person is all you want or need. Each lyric evokes vivid imaginations of perfectly painted scenes of the past, definitely a nostalgic song. 

The band The Bell Brothers includes brothers Andy and Alan Bell, both which were in southern pop band The After Party.  Their album Cold, Dark and Dirty is a collaboration between the brothers and other young musicians, and I highly recommend you download today on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.  It will become your new favorite.

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