The Giant & the Tailor - SYNTHETIC

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Nashville rock band, The Giant & the Tailor, is releasing their highly anticipated single SYNTHETIC tomorrow, March 10th.  The Giant & the Tailor is a rock band that infuses spoken word, powerful lyrics, and colossal energy into their songs to deliver passionate music that old and new fans can enjoy.  They have recently been awarded four AMG Heritage Award nominations, and have earned a spot in the top 45 of iTunes' Rock Albums charts.

SYNTHETIC.  It's a mix of everything that you want in a song.  It's a perfect balance of spoken word and chilling vocals, balanced perfectly with beautiful guitar and killer drums. The lyrics are brilliant; "even stop signs look green if they're framed in the right light", "I can't supply the water to put out the bridge you burn" and so on.  There are so many elements to this song that make it solid.  The album art also does a fantastic job portraying the girl that they sing about, that they are connected to with all these lies.  We're really digging this song, and look forward to hearing more from The Giant & the Tailor.

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