Ashley Xtina - Gone

By:  Kate Myers

Portland musician, Ashley Xtina is trying her hand at a new sound.

Stepping away from her standard piano-driven ballads, Ashley is breaking into the synth-pop scene with her newest project, The Game. The EP’s infectious first single, “Frozen In Time,” has made its way to radio stations across the globe, and now, she’s back with a new single, “Gone.”

“Gone,” premiered last week via The Deli (Portland), is a dancey track with lots of synths and a driving beat. Though this track is completely different from what she usually writes, Xtina’s ethereal vocals dance beautifully over the chorus with a catchy hook that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Keep your eye out for new music from Ashley Xtina as she continues to craft her electro-pop powerhouse sound, and don’t forget to follow her on her socials, linked below.


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