Deaf Poets - Celestine

by: Mary Welch

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Within the first thirty seconds of “Celestine,” I asked myself, “why haven’t I heard of this before?”  Miami based alternative rock duo Deaf Poets take heavy vibes to another level.  The song’s captivating tones and 90’s grunge roots had me hooked instantly.  In addition, the wonderful cinematography and editing of the music video produced by Dogs of Passion had me wanting more.  To best describe “Celestine” without hearing it, is that it would be my first choice during a long drive at night.  The verses had me calmly headbanging, and I couldn’t help but imagine how enjoyable it would be to see this song performed live.   From its pleasant vocals to its irresistible guitars riffs, impressive is the least I could say.  “Celestine” constructs a comforting atmosphere, and it excites me knowing that their upcoming full-length record Lost In Magic City comes out this upcoming May.  Until then, you’ll find me listening to “Celestine” during my late-night drives.

Check it out below:  

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