Sawyer - Easy Now

By:  Kate Myers

“Indie Sparkle Pop” duo, Sawyer, has crafted the perfect song for your next breezy Sunday drive and I dare you not to let it get stuck in your head. Their newest single, “Easy Now” is a warm, soothing track with special meaning not only for the listener, but also for Kel and Emma. 

“Finishing the song lyrically was the toughest part,” says Emma, “because it meant I had to take a closer look at the parts of me I wasn’t proud of. But at the same time, it was really healing to meticulously choose each word and for the chorus to simply say, ‘Easy Now.’ ”

That healing comfort washes over you while listening to the track. At some point, we’ve all grown out of a relationship or two, and though it’s usually for the best that things have ended, letting go is easier said than done. 

“Letting go is never just letting go,”  as Kel points out.  “Its looking back, and checking on, remembering and second guessing and so on. It hardly happens in a moment. But I think it does happen. Easy now.” 

For anyone that’s got some more growing up to do - which is most of us, to be honest - this song is going to be your bittersweet soundtrack to self-love, moving on and growing up. It’s okay to take your time, take it easy now.         


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