Jillian Steele - Find Me

by: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn 

Jillian Steele - Find Me

Indie pop singer-songwriter, Jillian Steele, released her debut EP this past week.  The EP is very catchy, we’re already hooked.  This EP is a fun mix of songs that you’ll want to dance to and songs that you’ll want to sing along to with your friends.  Jillian’s voice is a breath of fresh air to listen to, and her lyrics truly tell her stories.  Here’s some of my thoughts on the tracks:

1. Property:  A fun track showing that girls want to go out and have a good time, without being deemed anyone’s “property.”  This is the kind of song that you blast while you’re going out with your friends and dancing and you’re in it for you, not to be someone else’s accessory.

2.  Miles:  Showcases Jillian’s range; she has such a beautiful voice.  This song has that way too familiar feeling of caring so much about someone, but you feel like you barely know them because of how much they distant themselves.

3.  Find Me:  Title track for a reason. “Love, it knows where to find me.”  This upbeat, catchy song radiates Jillian’s positive energy.  It’s one of those songs that you find yourself instantly singing and dancing along to.

4.  23:  You’re more important than any boy will tell you that you are. This is a song of self-reflection and life lessons. The lyrics have a positive outlook on life, even if it doesn’t end up with a fairy tale ending.

5.  Same Song:  We’ve all fallen for someone who is exactly like the last guy, yet we don’t stop ourselves. Like Jillian says, “you’re the same song, the same voice, the same mistake.”  The past repeats, but sometimes we need to learn a lesson a second time again.

My personal favorite track:  Property.  You can check out Jillian’s EP over at https://www.jilliansteelemusic.com/ .

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