Blessing a Curse

by:  Mary Welch

Blessing A Curse followed me on twitter one day and I thought to myself, "okay, just another rock band wanting me to check out their music or a follow back." Usually I would just ignore the direct message like I have with a hundred other bands, but something about them was telling me to give them a chance.  For most bands I would have heard the first thirty seconds of a song and totally deleted them from my mind, but after hearing one song of Blessing A Curse, I was looking up more and more.  You'll remember them for their theatrical, elaborate themes in story-telling throughout songs and catchy melodies.  Vocalist Joshy was willing to do an interview with us, so check it out below!


Explain to us about your passion for cartoon voices, is there anything you've worked on that we can check out?

None yet! To be honest I don't know the first thing about breaking into that industry, but it's definitely something I’m passionate about and have always wanted to do. Voicing a cartoon character is definitely a big bucket list item of mine.

Your debut full length album Satisfaction for the Vengeful was released nearly a year ago, how has the response been so far?

The response has been amazing!  We have people from all over the world reach out to us saying they dig our songs, and that's exactly what we hoped for.

Do you have favourite songs from it?

"Cocoon," "Caving In," and "Your Disguise" are my favorites.

What is the overall theme of the album and what are its influences?

The album is actually a concept album about a boy named Jack who makes a deal with a witch named Alice to save his dying father.  She gives him a cursed mask and a voodoo doll, and while he's wearing the mask he's able to see the souls of the people whom he’s supposed to kill.  If he kills 100 impure souls and traps them in the voodoo doll, the witch says she will heal his sick father.  But she tricks him, because the 100th soul he's supposed to kill is his mother’s, and in the end he can't do it.  He renounces the witch and calls off the deal, only to find that his father already passed away during his quest.  I guess you could say the overall theme is that “there is no satisfaction for the vengeful,” and that some of the greatest battles we can hope to overcome in this life are fought from within.

In your music video for "Down the Rabbit Hole," you wear cool masks, kill a few people, and sing about people closest to you.  Can you explain the story line of the video and how it relates to the song?

The video is kind of a sequel to our first music video “Coffin City” from our old EP, and a loose adaptation of the storyline of the album, so it diverges from a few things I said about the storyline above solely for the sake of looking cool and keeping the music video short and to-the-point. But the premise is pretty much the same, you see Jackie with his mask on, killing people and turning them into his henchmen, then eventually Alice the witch appears and takes the mask back, leaving him to deal with his demons all alone. It’s like a summary of the song itself rather than the story of the whole album.

You have really great covers of "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar and "Applause" by Lady Gaga. What made you choose those songs and will we ever hear another cover?

Thanks! I fucking love female pop artists, especially Gaga.  I also don't have the manliest sounding voice in the world, I think puberty kind of skipped over me, so whenever we do covers we tend to look at all the dope female top 40s artists killing it on the charts and pick the catchiest track that we feel can be best executed as a metal song. We’ve been pretty thoroughly involved in writing our second album so I can't promise when we’ll be doing another cover, but when we do, I’d love to do something by Ariana Grande or Rihanna. I think that’d be a lot of fun.

What can Blessing A Curse fans expect for the rest of 2017? Any tours soon?

Unfortunately no, I wish, but a lot of complications and setbacks have happened this year that we didn't foresee. So I think we’re gonna be staying in FL for the rest of the year writing new material and hopefully going into the studio early 2018.

Mary: Closing thoughts/comments?

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