Blind Breed

by:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

We caught up with Blind Breed at their show at Café Coco to talk all things music.  Check out what they had to say about their new music video, collaborations, and how to help them secure a spot on Warped Tour.  I present to you… “Blind Breed: The Craigslist Success Story.”

Christian Lavelle - Guitar / Vocals
Paul Horak - Guitar / Vocals
Chase Tremaine - Bass / Vocals
Taylor Tremaine - Drums

Introduce yourselves, and tell us a bit more about Blind Breed.

CL:  I'm Christian - I sing and play guitar.  We've got Taylor on drums and Chase on bass, and our lead guitarist Paul, who couldn't be with us tonight, but is with us in spirit.  Paul and I had started Blind Breed in 2009, after we left a punk rock band for creative differences. W e ended up finding out that those differences would be exactly the thing that brought us together. Chase and Taylor are actually a rare Craigslist success story, and they found their first week in Nashville.  It was something that just clicked right away.

Your video for “Search the Sky” will be released soon.  Super cool lighting, yet so simplistic, where did you get the idea for it?

CT: The video drops on June 12th.  The goal for the video was to be simple and really let the song itself shine.  This allowed us to be ourselves andto have fun with the thing.  We got to work with Sean Power (The Hilson Studio) on this one.  The video itself was his brainchild, and having produced our records, he already had an intimate understanding of the song.  He's become sort of an unofficial member of Blind Breed.

You are playing Audio Feed Festival (06/30-07/02) in Illinois.  How did that come about, what are you most excited about?

CL:  We found out about this opportunity through our friend Konnor.  He plays in a band called Le Trainiump, and they are repeat offenders at Audio Feed.  We submitted for the opportunity to play, and long story short, we'll be up in Illinois July 1st and 2nd.
TT:  People come from all over to attend this event, so we're really excited to meet a bunch of new faces.

If you could collaborate with another band, who would it be?

CL:  Not In Confidence. (laughs)
TT:  Hoobastank.
CT:  I The Mighty.  When Taylor and I first came across the aforementioned Craigslist ad, there was a list of influences that included I The Mighty, kind of an obscure band. They are one of my favorite bands and have released one of my favorite EPs.  For Blind Breed to list I The Mighty as an influence was crazy, and loving their discography was a bonding point for all of us.  They play a comparable style of music.  Working together would be fun and would probably go well.
CL:  I'd probably have my people call Beyoncé's people. She should be able to squeeze us in.

If you could have any artist/band cover a Blind Breed song, who would it be?

TT:  Hoobastank.
CL:  Hmm, maybe something in the electronic realm.  I think we're at a time where you almost expect some level of synthesized production in modern rock.
CT:  So....Bieber?
TT:  John Mayer.
CL:  John Mayer fronting Hoobastank covering "Paper People" -- day made.

What can we expect from Blind Breed for the rest of 2017?  New music, tour dates.. ?

CL:  Right now, we're tracking for our acoustic EP, due to release in the Fall.  It's going to be reworked versions of songs off all three of our releases.  When writing full band material, we tend to lean a bit in the complex direction, so breaking the songs back down to their simplest form is a rewarding exercise. We have also started demoing our next full band release, so we've got lots of content on the way.

How can we support the Warped Tour contest?

TT: June 17th at Rocketown. 10 local bands are competing for a spot to play Nashville's Warped Tour stop.
CL: When we first saw the lineup, we were like 'damn...we're competing against all of our friends.'  We all started reaching out to each other wishing everyone good luck. It's going to a be a great night, and we're excited to see everyone there. Also I heard In Confidence is sold out of tickets so get yours from us. (laughs)
Event info/tickets: HERE  

Final thoughts?

CT:  Google Image search ”Blind Breed” and just keep scrolling.


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