Carousel Kings

By: Mary Welch

The other night here in Phoenix I got to see Carousel Kings for the second time this summer already, this time with McCafferty headlining. It was one of my first few shows since moving here from Milwaukee (where I saw them at Summerfest in July) and it was definitely a great one. I didn’t have any expectations for the openers coming into the show, but Sore Eyes and Ramonda Hammer brought the energy. I was very impressed by Ramonda Hammer’s vocalist Devin Davis, as she for one had great shoes, and also guided the stage and crowd like a badass. This was sadly one of the last stops on the tour, but they’ve got a few dates left this fall in New Jersey. In case you have not seen my Summerfest coverage of Carousel Kings, they have a new album called Plus Ultra (with some pretty awesome album art) and if you’d like to check it out, you can find it on all platforms here.

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