the Peace and the Panic Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Nashville was in for a night of pure pop-punk at Marathon Music Works. Some of our favorite British and Australian bands put on an incredible show, while everyone was moshing, crowd-surfing, and singing/screaming along to the music. I left with a new favorite band, as well as so many songs that I have been binging over and over.

The first band to take the stage was Liverpool’s very own, WSTR. I had never seen them live before, but I had been looking froward to their set. They took the stage with so much energy, and they crowd was instantly jumping and singing along. My favorite song that they performed was “Crisis,” I love this high-energy song and was definitely jamming out the whole time. WSTR’s sophomore album, Identity Crisis (Hopeless Records), is available now on all major music platforms for purchase and streaming.

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A friend had recently introduced me to Stand Atlantic, and I instantly fell in love with their sound. Bonnie Fraser has an outstanding voice, and her guitar playing was also on point. David Potter (bassist) and Jonno Panichi (drummer) paired perfectly to help create the perfect Aussie pop-punk trio. My favorite songs that they performed were “Coffee at Midnight” and “Lavender Bones.” Recently signed to Hopeless Records, Stand Atlantic will be releasing their debut album, Skinny Dipping, on October 26th. I was so blown away by Stand Atlantic, and I can’t wait to see them in Nashville again.

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Trophy Eyes was hands down a fan favorite. Their songs were definitely meant for screaming at the the top of your lungs. The best song of the night was their latest single, “You Can Count on Me.” The entire crowd was singing/screaming in unison. John Floreani knows how to control the stage, as everyone was getting so involved on every song. John was running around with his arms spread out like an airplane, and kept ripping his shirt off to each side. Be sure to check out Trophy Eyes’ junior release, the American Dream, available now on all major music platforms for purchase and streaming (Hopeless Records | Unified Music Group).

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Neck Deep is one of my absolute favorite bands to watch perform. The amount of energy that radiates from our favorite Welsh pop-punk group is insane. Ben Barlow never stood still; he was running up and down the stage, jumping, and swinging his mic the whole time. Matt and Sam were also jumping while playing their guitars, keeping the audience on their toes jumping as well. Dani Washington also killed it on the drums, keeping the pop-punk party going. Every two minutes, there was another crowd-surfer in the air and fans had started a mosh pit. I loved everything about it.

This Neck Deep show was different from their usual concerts, but in the best possible way. The band had asked fans what songs they wanted to hear on the set-list. Fans took to social media to request hearing some old Neck Deep songs that we all know and love. We were blessed with some old classics like “What Did You Expect?” (Rain in July, ‘12) and “Candour” (Wishful Thinking, ‘14). Of course we had some newer favorites as well, such as “December” (Life’s Not Out to Get You, ‘15), and “Where Do We Go When We Go?” (The Peace and the Panic, ‘17). Neck Deep was about to play “In Bloom” when they noticed a fan in the audience with a sign asking, “Ben, Can I Sing ‘In Bloom’?” Ben let this fan, John Harvie, come up on stage to sing the entire song with the band. Ben, you killed it! Super cool to see these guys so interactive with their fans.

This concert is one you won’t want to miss.
The line-up is fantastic, and you’re guaranteed to leave with at least one new favorite band.
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