Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic

by:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

The Peace and The Panic Cover Art.jpg

On August 18th, our favorite Welsh pop-punk band, Neck Deep, released The Peace and the Panic (Hopeless Records).  I have been anticipating this album for quite a while, and it definitely exceeded my expectations.  I saw Neck Deep open for Pierce the Veil this past September and I absolutely loved their energy.  I'm really into pop-punk music, so they had me hooked from the first song of their set.  Shortly after their show, I became obsessed with all their music, especially "Serpants" and "December" from Life's Not Out To Get You.  

The Peace and The Panic definitely exceeded my expectations.  Neck Deep has definitely grown as artists, with deeper lyrics / themes, and high quality production (album produced by Mike Green - Paramore, Pierce the Veil).  I love the balance of "peace" and "panic" on this album, acknowledging that you can seize the day and still have fun with your friends.  The lyrics are written through the eyes of a realist and are very honest, with authentic vocals, and that true pop-punk beat that gets our blood pumping.  The very first track "Motion Sickness" alludes to later concepts on this album, hinting at lyrics of "Where Do We Go When We Go" and the general idea of peace and panic.  Another favorite track of mine is "19 Seventy Sumthin" which is a really fun retro pop-punk love song.  Overall, this is a solid album that we would highly recommend!

Neck Deep just wrapped up Vans Warped Tour, and they will head out on a US headlining tour (01/18-02/28).  You can find dates and tickets HERE.  

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