Warped Tour, Vol. 2

By:  Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

As much as we hate to admit it, the final Vans Warped Tour has come to an end.  We've had so much fun going to multiple dates this year.  Every band has brought their A-game as they've prepared to take the Warped stage one final time.  We're excited to bring you photos and interviews these next few weeks from the Nashville, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, highlighting some of our favorite performances of 2018: the final Warped Tour.

Today, I present you with: the band with the best asthetic:  the Maine.

There's something absolutely riveting about The Maine.  Between their seamless look, their sense of humor, and their captivating music; these guys sure do know how to win our hearts.  The Maine took the stage in all red dress clothes, red banners, red everything.  It was such a beautiful sight to see, and it helped to draw in new (and old) fans.  John's humor was just as delightful.  "We're the Maine, the 7th best band on Warped Tour.  Thanks for coming to our set!"  In between songs, fans cheered louder and louder - "Maybe now we're the sixth best band on Warped Tour.." and so on; until they became "the best."  It was never a competition for me, they were always my favorite band at Warped Tour.

The Maine's set-list included a great mixture of their decade of music, paying tribute to all of our favorite songs.  Some of my favorite songs from their set were "Black Butterflies & Deju Vu" and "Am I Pretty."  As a tradition, they brought a fan up on stage to help sing "Girls Do What They Want."  The guy they brought up to the stage was very enthusiastic, and did a great job helping to keep the crowd fired up!

The Maine made an announcement this morning: "Lovely Little Lonely is dead. The roses have all wilted And in rolls the gloom Only to bloom again soon."  With this, they announced a show, "LONG LIVE LLL LONG LIVE THE MAINE - a show in Silver Springs, MD on October 13th.  This show will be a red out, which means to wear "all red" to show your support for the Maine.  Could this be an album release party?  We know that the Maine is writing new music.  We're intrigued to see what's up their sleeves.

The Maine will also be hosting their annual 8123 Fest in Arizona this upcoming January!  The festival will take place January 18-20 in Phoenix, Arizona.  On Friday, the Maine will perform a set-list created entirely by fans.  Saturday will include The Maine performing Can't Stop, Won't Stop in it's entirety, as well as some other fan favorites.  There will also be a "Make America Emo Again" after-party hosted at The Van Buren.  Finally, Sunday will include an official meet and greet with all members of  The Maine.  For tickets and additional information, head over to the official website.

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