Five Finger Death Punch

         Five Finger Death Punch Rocks Birmingham

By:  Jennifer Pinckney

It was a not-so-quiet night in Birmingham, AL where I arrived at the BJCC arena to see thousands of fans waiting patiently in line to make their way inside. Doors opened at 5pm, and the show was to start at 6pm beginning with Bad Wolves.

This was my first time seeing Bad Wolves, and of course the only song I knew of theirs was their popular hit, “Zombie,” which they remade in remembrance of The Cranberries. I was able to capture some pretty cool shots of these guys as they held nothing back in their performance. Frontman Tommy Vext rocked his screaming and melodic vocals, as well as jumping off into the air a few times. These guys are from California, and all the members are from other bands, but they all joined together to form this up-and-coming new band, Bad Wolves, and their nu-metal sound will get you hooked quick. Check out their recently released album, Disobey.

Next band to take the stage was Starset. They have such a unique sound and an even more unique set to show the fans. As you can see in the pictures, they are dressed mostly like “space men,” with lots of lights and fog surrounding them. Definitely a challenge to photograph them, so I’m always hoping for the best when I photograph them.

Shinedown is hands-down one of my favorite bands to photograph. Besides all of their songs being mostly very well known and very catchy, the band’s lighting on stage is literally a photographer’s dream. The guys themselves are also the most humble guys you could ever meet. Brent Smith (the frontman) is always so grateful to the fans and even to the photographers who are there photographing them. I won’t spill the beans on everything they do during their set, I will just say that I highly recommend that you go and see them when they come to a city near you. It’s worth it.

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Tonight’s headliners needed no introduction. The entire 2,000+ people who came to the show tonight were screaming once the intro song began. The guys ran out to the stage and woke us up with their hit, “Under and Over it.” During the set, the guys were very animated, especially towards the photographers, as you can see in these pictures. They also were running from stage left to stage right, eyes open and connecting with all the screaming fans. Always a great night and a great privilege to be able to see and photograph Five Finger Death Punch. They also released a new album, And Justice for None, go get it now! Till next time... Keep rocking!

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