King & Queens Tour

By: Maya Bustillos & Mary Welch

Last Friday, Mary and I attended the Kings & Queens Tour with the headliner Nonpoint, and supporting bands Butcher Babies, Sumo Cyco, and Imperial Fall. This sold out show did not disappoint its audience, to say the least.

Opening up our night the right way was Imperial Fall. I had never heard of them, but noting that they are from around my area, I was ready to see what they had to offer. The guitar and drum work were fantastic and got the crowd warmed up to the start of a great show. The mixture of smooth and gritty vocals was the right combination with the music. The feel I got from this band reminds me a bit of Korn, which is definitely a good thing. I know I will want to catch up with these guys again!

Next up was Sumo Cyco. With this band, I didn’t know what to expect but when they came out I was pleasantly surprised. When the music kicked in, I was a bit shocked to find a female vocalist come out on stage, and she absolutely killed it. Each band member had the talent and energy to put on an amazing show.

They had some fun and crazy antics while performing such as heading up to the balcony bar to take some shots and going directly into the pit to get fans moving around. What I love most of all is that you can tell this band is genuinely having a great time on stage, and there’s nothing I admire more than seeing a band put their all into a show while still having fun. I highly recommend you check this band out because they undoubtedly have the talent, and you may start to see them around more often.

The last supporting act was Butcher Babies, and having frequently listened to their albums beforehand, we were extremely hyped on seeing them live. As anticipated, vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies put on the definition of a badass rock show.  Their stage presence and connection were strong and coordinated, something completely necessary when co-leading band. I tend to believe that Butcher Babies’ music is underrated, especially after witnessing the talent they demonstrated at their show.

Closing out the night was Nonpoint, and neither of us had any idea what to expect of their sound. I was skeptical and thought they would not be my style, but I was wrong. By the first song, I was definitely into them and questioned why I had not taken the initiative to listen to them beforehand. If you can, definitely catch this tour. It was worth it!

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