Walk off the Earth

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

A cool, rainy night didn’t stop Nashville from showing up to see Tessa Violet and Walk off the Earth. Last night’s show started out with a familiar face, Tessa Violet. Many of you remember Tessa from her eight years of vlogging; bringing us music, skits, and more. The past four years, Tessa has released two albums and three EP’s. Tessa has a dauntingly beautiful voice. She was such a pleasure to watch, having fun up on stage, yet also showing us a vulnerable side. Tessa was joined on stage by badass drummer, Jess Bowen, a Savvage Media favorite. We have been supporting Jess for years; from the early days in the Summer Set to this summer playing Warped Tour with 3OH!3. Tessa and Jess fed off of each other’s energy on stage, making a dynamic duo. We really enjoyed their set, especially hearing songs from both Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled and Bad Ideas. Tessa Violet will be heading out on her first headlining tour in December, tickets and dates can be found HERE.

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Hands down, Walk off the Earth are some of the most talented artists I have ever seen. Hailing from Ontario, this five-piece multi-instrumental band has over 180 million views on YouTube and has been selling out venues across the world. Seeing them live makes this all very easy to understand. First off, the production (lighting, smoke canons, confetti, etc) was fantastic. Such a visually appealing show. Also, this is one of the most interesting bands that I have seen in concert. They display such an amazing chemistry, and are able to put so much creativity into both their covers as well as original songs.

Every single song gave me goosebumps. Their melodies were amazing, and the amount of passion they put into every song was so authentic. The crowd was also very different than my typical setting. This was mostly families, and such a diverse crowd. At one point, I was standing next to a little boy (maybe 5 years old). He had headphones on to protect his tiny ears, and every few seconds he kept yelling to the band, “you’re doing great!!!” It was so pure to see everyone appreciate such artistry; from little kids, to the grandparents there, and everyone in between. This was such an enjoyable show, and I highly recommend checking it out. Tickets and tour dates can be found HERE.

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