Be More Kind Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Cannery Ballroom || Nashville, TN

Nashville was in for quite an evening with the Be More Kind tour. Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs kicked off the show. This Canadian rock band was quite a treat. Their quirky mannerisms, flashy outfits. and fun stage presence helped to get the crowd going. Really enjoyed listening to these guys rock out, and also enjoyed watching them play a double neck guitar.

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Up next was Bad Cop / Bad Cop. If I’m being honest, they absolutely blew my mind! These punk-rock ladies got on stage and instantly started shredding their guitars. Their music was very high energy, had a grungy/punk sound with lighter harmonies, and was overall so badass to watch. Lin [vocals, bass] kept spinning around and doing hurkeys, I was so drawn to watching her perform. BCBC gave us a set filled with several songs from their sophomore album, Warrior. The lyrics [as well as stage banter] depicted a common theme of non-conformity, politics, and relationships. I loved their set and look forward to seeing more from them.

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Frank Turner is absolutely brilliant. This was my first time seeing him in concert, and now I understand the magic that everyone has been talking about. He sings his songs with such conviction, while the strobe lights are flashing - at times just a subtle spotlight - and you can literally feel his words. Frank also talks about the state of the world, but with a positive spin. He sings about unity and hopefulness, instead of trying to divide people. There was so much optimism and positive energy radiating from his performance. I absolutely loved seeing Frank, and am already anticipating when he will come back to Nashville.

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