From the Inside

By: Jennifer Pinckney

A night of Celebration for
Chester Bennington and Linkin Park

The show held on October 4th was a little different than most other shows. We were at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA and enjoyed a lot of great rock music from local artists around the area. The guys who put on the show (Filthy Nasty Productions), decided to have this to raise money for Music for Relief, and all of the money that was collected tonight was donated to Music for Relief.

Doors opened at 5:30pm and the first artist to take the stage was Kamber from Nashville, TN. She blew us away with her vocals and obvious talent. She sang “Breaking the Habit” in remembrance of Chester as well as originals of her own. Her set nearly gave us goosebumps when we heard her power come out. Incredible talent and this is only the beginning for her.

Next up was a band from South Carolina called Solarist. They warmed us up a bit more with their energetic music and raspy vocals! The guitarists and bassist ran from side to side showing off their “pumpness.”

Another band from South Carolina was up next and they were called “State of Illusion.” They took us from standing still to head banging and singing along! Their music was so upbeat and energetic that no one could stand still. I always love meeting and photographing new bands, especially when they really capture you ears and eyes.

The next band to take the stage is a newly formed band called Meteora. The vocalist isn’t new to this area because these guys are from Atlanta and their vocalist is David Garcia, former front-man of Bridge to Grace. Tons of people came just to see David perform. His voice is so identical to Chester’s. The band only sang songs from Linkin Park (which we all loved) and with David’s raspy and strong vocals, we just couldn’t believe what we were hearing. It sounded like we had Chester right up there, singing to us.

Our headliners tonight were a great choice to have, Elephant Room. It’s a rock/rap group from Louisville, KY. It’s pretty cool seeing them live, they have a very different sound from other bands and their music is fun, upbeat, energetic and will cause you to bang your head along, even if you don’t know the lyrics. With a lot of rap and rock in their set, they definitely were a great fit for tonight’s show and a great way to end the night of celebration for our Rockstar that we miss so much, Chester Bennington.

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