Epitah Tour

By: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Last night was the final night of leg one of the 2018 Epitah Tour. The Bronx, Teenage Wrist, and Thrice wrapped up the tour with a bang.

Teenage Wrist started off the show on a high note. This alternative rock band from Los Angeles came on stage and instantly had the crowd ready to rock. They had a very smooth sound, and I enjoyed their set. My favorite songs from their set were “Dweeb” and “Daylight.”

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Up next was LA punk-rock band, the Bronx. They instantly had all of us captivated. The Bronx stormed the stage with high energy, strong vocals, and lots of shredding; getting everyone up off their feet and jamming out. “Heart Attack American” and “Knifeman” were two songs that definitely stood out to me. The whole set was memorable and fun to watch; each song had its’ own fun energy and vocalist Matt Caughthran ruled the stage. The Bronx will be heading out on a fall/winter tour after this with High Tension and Private Function. We’re excited to see what’s next from them!

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I was so excited to see Thrice. I had never seen them as a full-band, however I saw Dustin Kensrue (vocals) on his solo acoustic tour last year. I instantly fell in love with Dustin’s voice, and started truly getting into Thrice. Everyone was so excited for Thrice to take the stage. Thrice took the stage with the lights out, just a few up-lights showing their silhouettes. Dustin’s chilling vocals instantly gave me goosebumps, as he sang the first few lines a Capella. Then the lights went up, and the the music kicked in. From the very first song, “Only Us,” the crowd was going wild. Thrice was everything I wanted and more. I was blown away by how incredible they were live; full of so much passion and energy. My top two songs of the night were “Black Honey” and “the Artist in the Ambulance,” although the entire set was perfect. Thrice recently released Palms, and I highly suggest you give it a listen.

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