Summerfest - Steve Aoki

Savvage's own Mary Welch had the chance to hit up Summerfest, the BIGGEST music festival in the world, featuring over 800 acts. Stay tuned throughout the week to see some of her faves! 

Out of all the forty-some shows I've been to in my relatively short lifetime, Steve Aoki at Summerfest, the largest music festival in the world, tops every other artist in terms of noise. I have personally never experienced something so loud. From the front photo pit to all the way in the back, my whole body vibrated along with the bass. Hearing music is one thing, but physically feeling it is something else. Aoki incorporated songs from Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance into his performance, and in addition allowed a few fans to get up on stage with him and dance. Fans in the crowd were very lively, were having a great time, and many even asked me to take pictures for them. Although I had not previously been a fan, Steve Aoki's show was a wild experience and I would attend again.

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