Let's Get Abducted Tour

by: Taryn Poe

On March 9, 2017 party metal band Attila abducted an array of metal heads at Fete Music Hall in Providence, RI for a night of kick ass, heavy rock 'n' roll music. The show was absolutely insane, there was no barrier separating the bands from the fans, which allowed concert goers to crowd surf up to the stage and stage dive into a sea of "rageaholics". 

  Local to the Providence area, rock band It Lives, It Breathes kicked off the night and made their presence known with their catchy songs and outgoing stage presence. The crowd was off their feet jumping and dancing along. People say rock n roll is dead, but this band will lead you to believe otherwise. Vocalist Kevin Lacerda is exceptionally passionate with his songs, his love for music shines on stage. He effortlessly gets the whole crowd participating and into his bands performance. Signed to Stay Sick Records, which is owned by the lead singer of Attila Chris Fronzak (Fronz), It Lives It Breathes has a debut album out now entitled "Silver Knights" and are on tour with Avion Roe until March 26th! 

  First band on the tour package Vesta Collide took to the stage and I was really impressed with their live performance. Also signed to Stay Sick Records, this Detroit metal band produced a haunting, energetic performance. Vocalist Mark Pfromm sported horror themed face makeup which reminded me a lot of how the vocalist of Get Scared Nick Matthews did his makeup in previous years, but it isn't a direct comparison and Mark definitely put his own twist on his makeup style. Their are reports of Mark and Fronz being actual blood brothers and the two have posted pictures referring to each other as brothers. While this relationship isn't 100% confirmed, both share quite the resemblance and Mark definitely looks like Fronz' baby brother. Vesta Collide has a debut album entitled "New Obsession" out now via Stay Sick Records. 

  Next to the stage was a band I've been eager to see live again, Cane Hill. I had first seen the band play this past summer on Vans Warped Tour where they had caught my attention. What draws me to this band is their aggressiveness and how loud and raw their music sounds. You can let out all your emotions and everything built up inside while watching their set. Their lyrics are captivating and meaningful and paired with Elijah Witt's vocals produce a beautiful heartfelt sound that is plagued with intensity and thoughtfulness. The band ended their set with my favorite song of theirs, "Time Bomb" which is on their self-titled EP "Cane Hill". Their latest album "Smile" is out now via Rise Records.

  Signed to Sumerian Records, LA based metal band Bad Omens graced the stage second to last. I've never heard their music prior to this show but they blew me away! Their music was upbeat and head-bang worthy and the crowd was constantly pushing each other around and stage diving on top of one another. I definitely became a fan of Bad Omens after watching their set. Their self-titled debut album Bad Omens is out now, I strongly recommend giving it a listen! 

  Closing out the night was my favorite party metal band Attila. Their set was magnificent, everything was on point from their colorful, vibrant alien-esque backdrop to their bursts of smoke filling the stage air. Their fans went buck wild kicking and screaming and moshing, everything you'd expect at a heavy metal show and more. I tried to stay away from the pit and protect my camera by staying on the sidelines but alas I was still kicked and my camera was hit a few times but I laughed it off and knew that anything goes at an Attila show. Fronz said it himself, there are no rules. The whole room was care free and jamming along to each song, especially to fan favorites such as their famed song "Payback" as well as "About That Life" and "Middle Fingers Up" from their album appropriately titled "About That Life". Attila also played several bangers off their newest album "Chaos" which is out now. It was a chaotic, intense night that I would without a doubt describe as "hella lit".