Pop Blitz Launch Party

by: Nicole Juliette Hetlyn

Tracey Ecklund

Nashville was in for a treat on Tuesday night!  Pop Blitz had their launch party at Whisky Rhythm, which featured live music from several artists all night long.  Tracey Ecklund founded Pop Blitz Magazine back in 2003, and has been excelling in highlighting pop and country artists, featuring interviews and news on these up and coming artists.  The showcase featured six incredibly talented artists who have been featured in Pop Blitz and are definitely artists to watch out for.  We were honored to sponsor this event along with Strings for Hope, Front Stage Magazine, and Nashville Parties & Events.

The first artist to take the stage was Robert Biehn, and I was instantly captivated. Biehn is truly like no artist I’ve ever seen before; he’s a storyteller.  All of his songs were intertwined through a story that he told in between (and throughout) his songs.  I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I was so drawn to what he was doing; it was absolutely incredible.  Robert’s voice is also delightful, he gives off an Ed Sheeran vibe while carrying such a great stage presence.  

Up next, the Springs.  This husband and wife duo were also great.  Their harmonies were so beautiful, and they were very authentic.  I truly enjoyed their lyrics and how simplistic, yet glorious they sounded.  The Springs’ chemistry was felt throughout the room.  They have that kind of sound that is effortless, and very smooth.  It was a very enjoyable set to watch.

The next guest drove all the way from Atlanta to play this show, and we’re so glad that he did.  Chase Mitchell has a smooth pop/R&B voice.  His energy was contagious, and his set was very enjoyable.  He also did an Ed Sheeran cover, which gives him bonus points.  Chase’s personality truly did shine through his performance, and you could tell that he was enjoying playing as much as we enjoyed listening to him.

Upbeat singer-songwriter, Jay Putty was next.  Jay was also very lovely to watch.  His voice is very smooth, and his energy is fun.  Jay recently released his new single “All I Need to Know” (music video out next month!), so it was cool to finally hear this song live.  We also enjoyed when Jay added Smashmouth into one of his songs, it was a very fun touch.  Definitely a set that people were jamming to.

And then we’re thrown a curveball; a surprise performance from guest performers Tyler and Joelle.  No one was expecting them to perform, but everyone was captivated.  The second they took the stage, we were mesmerized by this husband-wife duo’s chemistry, energy, talent, and stage presence.  They were instantly in control of the room.  Tyler and Joelle’s fun stage banter and insane amount of talent instantly won us all over.  Looking forward to hearing more from them.

Last but not least, Grayson Rogers.  As soon as Grayson stepped foot on stage in his cowboy hat and boots, I knew we’d be in for a country treat.  Grayson’s voice is a pure, country voice that is very smooth and natural.  The lyrics were very authentic and we felt very connected throughout the performance.  Grayson’s country attire and catchy lyrics were very enjoyable.

We’d like to thank Pop Blitz for including us in their launch event!  Also, congrations to Tracey and Pop Blitz for all of your success.  Please be sure to check out Pop Blitz at http://www.popblitzmag.com/ as well as on social media.