The End is Here Tour

by Taryn Poe

The End Is Here Tour 1.31.17 Boston Date Review 

  Given the current state of America, "The End Is Here" tour couldn't be anymore properly titled or a better fit for a tour name during the start of 2017. Having all played to huge crowds at the Vans Warped Tour this past summer, the three staple acts Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White, and Issues were the perfect trio lineup in the heavy/rock music genre. Supporting these three big names were Ohio rock group Dangerkids and a brand spanking new band Dead Girls Academy, and both definitely helped build up the hype and excitement at the start of the night with fans jumping up and down and banging their heads along happily kicking off a jam packed evening of killer music. 

 "Welcome to Dead Girls Academy" a robotic voice announced as the band took to the stage and the crowd roared with anticipation. The lights came up and everyone was ready to rock as the band began their set. This brand new band is fronted by Michael Vampire, whom you may recognize from his previous band "Vampires Everywhere". The audience seemed to really enjoy their set with their screams and applause. We're excited to see what Dead Girls Academy has in store for the world since the tour just ended. 

 Signed to Paid Vacation Records, next on the lineup was rock band Dangerkids and they brought the house down! They started out in a little huddle and each member reached their hands up to the sky in sync. It was a really sincere moment seeing how connected each band member was with one another. The band's togetherness and high energy was refreshing to watch and every kid in the crowd had their feet off the ground and hands up to the ceiling. Dangerkids just released a new album blacklist_ featuring the single "Kill Everything" and it would be a mistake to sleep on this band! 

 Once the first two opening acts played, Issues and Motionless In White both took turns each night alternating who would play before the other. In NYC, Motionless took to the stage before Issues, but at the Boston show it was vice versa. The lights came up to a bright green hue and a pirate ship background was present as Issues took to the stage. Playing a plethora of songs off their latest album Headspace along with crowd favorites such as "Mad at Myself" and closing their set with "Hooligans", Issues pleased both old and new fans alike. Alas me mateys, their pirate themed set was a hit with a dancing parrot mascot appearance at the end of their performance. Shiver me timbers, their music video for "Home Soon" is out now via Rise Records!

  The best intro of the night has to go to Motionless In White, hands down. Playing roughly a minute of hit Netflix series "Stranger Things" theme song, it was everything you'd expect from Motionless and more. Dimly lit candles and orange pumpkins illuminated the stage and the crowd was hyped on the intro alone. One by one, each band member took to the stage and once the lights came up the band immediately started their song "570". During their second song and one of their hits, "A-M-E-R-I-C-A", Dead Girls Academy vocalist Michael Vampire joined Chris Motionless on stage to finish the song as a dynamic duo. As MIW's set went on, each song had a visual representation on stage and a story to watch and follow. There was a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern character following Chris around at one point and a girl in a clown mask with a squirt gun squirting out water into the crowd and also throwing out candy. During their song "Dead As F*ck" a cute, zombie-esque cheerleader joined the band on stage, which was very fitting with lyrics such as "she's my graveyard baby" and "she's my horror queen". The crowd was highly into the Halloween atmosphere of Motionless In White's set and their whole performance was an A+ from start to finish. 

  Finishing off the night of "The End Is Here Tour" was the band most people came out for, Falling In Reverse. Ronnie has built a reputation for himself and the band, and he absolutely continues to deliver a highly energetic, eccentric performance every time, and his crazy on stage antics is what keeps the fans coming back for more, well that and their kick ass music. At one point in their set, Ronnie threw pizza into the audience along with fruit such as bananas as a result of fans claiming to be hungry, it was a cringeworthy yet hilarious moment to witness. As far as their music goes, Falling In Reverse has without a doubt changed their sound with each new album released, from their debut album "The Drug In Me Is You" which is arguably their heaviest album, to "Fashionably Late" in which Ronnie shows off his rap game in several songs, to "Just Like You" which is their latest album release. No matter how different each album is, fans screamed every lyric of every song FIR played at the top of their lungs back to Ronnie up on stage. Fans who have followed the band since the beginning and fans who are familiar with their first album were pleasantly surprised and overjoyed when FIR played a whole six songs off "The Drug In Me Is You. The fangirl in many (including myself) came out during all-time favorite songs "I'm Not a Vampire", "Good Girls Bad Guys" and of course the song that is the title to their first album "The Drug In Me Is You". The whole audience turned into one big dance party and fans were crowd surfing, laughing, and singing their hearts out. Falling In Reverse also played a song "Game Over" off of "Fashionably Late" which they have never played live before this tour, but the fans came prepared knowing every word to the song! The first song of their four song encore, "Coming Home" was a beautiful capture on stage when the lights went out and green laser lights shined throughout the House of Blues. This song along with "Loser" are two singles out now off of their upcoming album "Coming Home" set to release April 7, 2017 via Epitaph Records.