Moose Blood - "Have I Told You Enough"

By: Boston Lynn Schulz


Pop-punk/emo band, Moose Blood, released their single “Have I Told You Enough” paired with a music video. ‘Have I Told You Enough’ is from their newest album, ‘I Don’t Think I can Do This Anymore’, produced by Hopeless Records. We checked out their this single’s music video, directed by the fantastic Lewis Cater, who directed numerous other amazing pop-punk videos. HITYE’s video is another incredible video.

As a huge fan of Black Mirror, I had major flashbacks to the show while watching this video. Set in a futuristic society, where a techniciallically advanced AI ‘AIDA’ helps the main actor through the day. He uses AIDA to help himself with his morning coffee, listening to music, get ready, and eventually find himself a date. Like all good storylines, there is a twist at the end when the man brings his date home for the night. It’s definitely worth the watch.

If you don’t watch Black Mirror, maybe you should (after you watch this video, of course). But don’t just take it from me, take it from all the other YouTubers that also brought up the similarities. I see you, Blake: HITYE can definitely be a soundtrack for Black Mirror, and it sure does sound good.


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